Searching for Arrowheads


1.        Finding my first arrowhead – Uncle Bill and Uncle Jimmy set the scene.

a.       Thanksgiving Nancy and Jimmy’s dry Creek

2.       Who Crafted Me –

a.       Pat Flenniken

                                                               i.      The Commander

                                                             ii.      The Ranger

                                                            iii.      The Shootist

1.       hunting

                                                           iv.      The Storyteller

b.      Mom

                                                               i.      Fastest Mom Alive

                                                             ii.      Church Life

                                                            iii.      Kids First… Always

c.       Dad

                                                               i.      The Bean Bag

                                                             ii.      Running for Judge

                                                            iii.      Golf / Fishing

                                                           iv.      A ‘Social’ Life

                                                             v.      A Way with Words

d.      Dad

                                                               i.      Nature

                                                             ii.      Workshop

                                                            iii.      Rocks, Rocks, ROCKS.

                                                           iv.      Building a Computer

                                                             v.      Hindsight

e.      Having an Older Brother

                                                               i.      Dave Gets his own Room

                                                             ii.      Cool Music, Computers, and Car Stereos

                                                            iii.      Book Smart vs Street Smart

f.        Torturing a younger sister

                                                               i.      I love my Sister

                                                             ii.      Death to Snuggles

                                                            iii.      Baylor

g.       Sarah and Tess

                                                               i.      The early years

                                                             ii.      Van De Graph

                                                            iii.      All Grown-up

3.       Good Stories

a.       Working in grandpa’s shop

                                                               i.      In Kerrville

                                                             ii.      In Ennis

b.      Looking for rocks with Jim

                                                               i.      The Place

                                                             ii.      New Mexico

c.       Poker Nights

                                                               i.      Loosing with 4 of a kind

d.      Watching the meteor showers with mom

                                                               i.      The Comets

                                                             ii.      Nature

e.      Skiing / golf with dad

                                                               i.      Sports

f.        The bunk house

                                                               i.      Nintindo, Cheetoes, and Bad Gas

g.       The river

                                                               i.      Floods

                                                             ii.      Fun

                                                            iii.      Future

4.        High School

a.       Matt the Biking Viking

                                                               i.      Freshman Year

b.      Tennis

                                                               i.      I was pretty good… once

                                                             ii.      Hitting coach in the nards

c.       Mr. Loop and Geology

                                                               i.      I think I like this stuff

d.      Mexican Mondays

                                                               i.      #7 with Queso

                                                             ii.      The Crew

                                                            iii.      1991 Jeep Wrangler

5.       College

a.       Penland 3 South

                                                               i.      Toomstone

b.      First Apartment

                                                               i.      Smoking and Climbing

c.       KOT

                                                               i.      Pledging

                                                             ii.      The friends

                                                            iii.      Fraternity Life

d.      12th @ Bagby

                                                               i.      Roomates

                                                             ii.      The beginning of a Social Life

e.      ---- Oakland w/ Dave

                                                               i.      U-hauling It to California

                                                             ii.      The Golden Bear

                                                            iii.      Calvin the Cat

f.        Wayne Drive

                                                               i.      A New Start

                                                             ii.      Geology

                                                            iii.      Clearing the Land

6.       LCRA

a.       Learning to be a RAT

                                                               i.      Getting a Job

                                                             ii.      Sure I know What a Rating is

                                                            iii.      The Floods

                                                           iv.      The Friends

b.      Grad School

                                                               i.      Needed a Challenge

                                                             ii.      Del, Cody, and Curran

c.       Groundhog Day

                                                               i.      Time for a change

7.       Marriage

a.       Girl in the White Pants

                                                               i.      Butt in the Face

                                                             ii.      Easy Choice

b.      Married Life

                                                               i.      A new Best Friend

8.       Anna

a.       Woman of Many Trades

                                                               i.      Tahoe, Key West, Austin

b.      On the Move

9.       First House…. But not for Long!

a.       Building Projects

                                                               i.      Deck, Yard, Floor… it Never Ends

10.   Best and Worst Week Ever

a.       Selling The House

b.      Graduating

c.       Moving

d.      Leaving LCRA

e.      Leaving Friends, and Home

f.        Jim is Gone

11.   Sacramento

a.       The In-laws

                                                               i.      Bill vs Juanita

                                                             ii.      I love Irony

b.      New Opportunities

                                                               i.      Kisters

                                                             ii.      Travel

                                                            iii.      Friends

c.       Apartment Life

                                                               i.      21st and G